Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reid 6 months old

Reid just turned 6 months old and is a healthy 16 pounds 15 oz baby.

He loves to explore the world; looking at people, dogs, books, cars, if there is anything to examine he is staring at it. He can now sit up unsupported for a few minutes without falling over.

He enjoys babbling and reaching for toys and books. Even though we read to him often, he enjoys hitting the book with his hands and even chews on the book itself. Reid has rolled over front to back but has only done it once. We loved spending 10 days with Great Grandma Dick and Grandma Janssen! What fun adventures we had in Montana!

Gates of the Mountains, Helena MT

Reid with Grandma Janssen.

We took a boat tour on the Madison River.

We loved having both Great Grandma and Grandma on the tour with us. Matt & Bella joined us too.

Shakespeare in the Park

Cuddle time with Daddy while waiting for Shakespeare in the Park.

Reid's first trip to Yellowstone National Park