Thursday, December 20, 2007

Backcountry skiing in Idaho

Christmas is just around the corner! Instead of buying each other gifts, we decided to take a mini-vacation! We started this tradition last year but we didn't travel anywhere (we stayed home and enjoyed our little cabin in the woods.) This year, however, we ventured to the Teton Mountains near Driggs, Idaho. We spent a few days back country skiing and playing in the snow. This was our first time skiing for the winter and the powder was deep, fluffy and fun.

Mindy is getting used to skiing in the back country! Ryan still encourages her to overcome the fear of "Snow suffocation" and to be aggressive.

Ryan is looking good tele style. I think he's having fun in the powder.

Overall we had a great trip and just touched the surface of the back country potential outside of Driggs. We'll be back.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Adventure

What more could a girl want for her birthday?! An off roading drive among scenic snowcapped mountain views with my man, our landcruiser & the dog . Throw in a Geocache adventure in the mix and it made a perfect birthday adventure.

This was our first time heading north out of Jackson creek road onto National Forest land. We had no clue where we would come out, but we ended up in Livingston. From now on that route is Ryan's preferred "trip to Livingston."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Curious Creatures of the San Juans

These guys are cautious but curious. At many of the small rock outcroppings we would meet up with 10-30 Seals. Most would slide off the rocks and approach to about 30 feet then pop up to watch us paddle around. Sadly, we missed out on seeing the big dog of San Juan wildlife... no Orcas. Oh well, maybe next time?

San Juan Sea Kayaking

Sweet weather! Perfect housing! A borrowed kayak! Wildlife and beautiful scenery. Honestly this quick hit vacation was awesome in every way. Tons of thanks to the Sturdivants (housing), the Carpenters (Kayak and gear), and the Dawsons (home base and car usage.) Without you guys this trip would still be just a dream.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Man, Dog, and Cruiser Conquer the Rocks.

The cruiser has officially pulled out of the garage with POWER STEERING! Woo Hoo! Thanks to the photo bug Sara Janssen (Available for YOUR Portrait Photo needs!), we have recorded the first trip of man, dog, and cruiser on the rocks in our front yard. Mindy is still concerned that the wheels may fall off at any moment. ;-)

Music on Main

Every Thursday through July and August Bozeman hosts various bands for a free concert on a downtown side street. It's a VERY popular event and seems to get bigger every year. It might have something to do with the crazy growth happening out here. The crowd always has lots of familiar faces, even if you don't know their names. I guess that's a great way to make a growing town feel small.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hiking Pine Creek Lake

We hiked 5 miles up (and up and up) to Pine Creek Lake, climbing approx 3000 feet. The trailhead is located in Paradise Valley south of Livingston MT. Krista (WI) and Joe & Danielle (MN) joined us for the adventure.

There were lots of wild flowers, including glacier lilies, lupine, columbine, forget-me-nots, indian paintbrush and (most importantly) shooting stars!

Our advice: Leave early to hike up in the cool weather, bring lots of snacks and bring out of state friends!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hitchikers in MT can be persistent.

We enjoy it when people visit us in Montana. However, recently we had an unwelcome guest who even tried to hitch hike with us! He's a bit shy, but look to the left of the radiator and right of the engine.
Xena was very excited to meet this young gentleman, he on the other hand was not interested. Even after a thorough soaking with the garden hose, Ryan could not convince our friend that a better home could be found elsewhere.
Thankfully overnight he vacated Ryan's engine compartment and has not returned.... yet.
BTW that's a Marmot for you who are wilderness challenged.


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